Wild Land

Music Video

This is a song about longing for wild nature. I imagine many of you will be able to relate with this, especially during lock-down, and especially if you live in the city like I did when I wrote it.

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Some thoughts on the song

Wild Land was born out of a sense of urban alienation and a deep longing for nature. I know cities are part of nature too but this song is about the desire to be immersed in places like the kind of ancient forests that once covered a lot of the British Isles. I wish we had more of those kind of places – ancient forests full of wildlife that you can walk through for a whole day and still not come out the other side.

I think there are many good things about technology and the modern world, but I also think it can have a numbing effect on us. Cities are great, and they can be also be wild places, in a different way, but we need that other kind of wildness. It’s part of what makes us human.