The first single release from Laurie’s debut album, ‘Sparks’, is a song of hope and collective change.

Hi everyone! I hope you like this song. I’m really excited to be sharing it with you.

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Sparks for Creative Commons

I’m releasing the track under a Creative Commons licence, so any of you out there working towards making the world a better place, no matter how small your efforts might feel, this song is for you and you’re welcome to use it for video soundtracks, or whatever makes sense. I’d absolutely love it if the track ended up being used by Extinction Rebellion, or other inspiring movements.

Why I Wrote the Song

It can feel overwhelming sometimes, living with ecological crisis, mass extinction, and all the other troubling things going on in the world. There are times when I feel hopeless – that we’re living on borrowed time.

But I also know that there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people out there pouring everything they have into trying make the world a more ecologically sustainable and beautiful place to live in. It only takes one of these people to remind me of this huge undercurrent of inspiring activity that you don’t really hear about in the news. Sparks was written in answer to that.

~ Laurie

“Stunning. True as an arrow.” – The Crack

Sparks is the first single from Laurie debut album Moon Moves the Sea, set for release this coming October.

Laurie’s Bio

Laurie’s music offers a deeply soulful response to the beautiful and troubling reality of what it means to be a human being living in an age of crisis and wonder.

Intricate harmonies and sweeping melodies lend an ethereal quality to her music, with subject matter ranging from the suffragettes movement, urban alienation and the longing for wildness, and a love song that links the human heart to the attractive forces between moon and sea. Her music is a crashing cascade of lyrical beauty that holds the pain and joy of living in uncertain times.

Laurie grew up in the North East of England – a place whose coastline is both shiveringly beautiful and pocked with heavy industry: a tension you can feel running through much of her songwriting.

She began her studies in classical music at an early age, later exploring pop and soul before gravitating toward jazz with her studies at the London College of Music. Her love of folk music has woven itself into these broader influences, with inspiration being drawn from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Björk, Martha Tilston, Ane Brun, and Feist

Laurie is someone who cares deeply for this world – for the people and the more-than-human community that we share it with. She is quiet, thoughtful, always listening, yet in her music we feel the vividly articulated contours of her compassion, insight, sadness, joy and hope. This is soul-making as true as it gets.