Hello everyone. Here’s the second of five singles I’m releasing in the lead up to my debut album Moon Moves the Sea. I hope you like it. If you do, please share!

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I wanted to write a song about the environment as I think it’s the most pressing and important topic of our time. I found it a really challenging subject to write about as I wanted the song to be relevant to everyone, whatever their background and opinions.

After numerous attempts writing on this topic I ended up using the idea of the overview effect which is a feeling of awe that astronauts experience when looking at planet Earth from outer space.

I imagined I was there, looking down the planet as I wrote the lyrics. Home is a song of both loss and appreciation. It is my personal favourite of mine, from all the songs I’ve ever written.

I hope it resonates.

Moon Moves the Sea, Laurie’s Debut Album, coming this October