Debut Album – Moon Moves the Sea

I’m so happy and relieved and excited to be sharing this album with you. I’ve really tried to go deep and explore some big subject matter, and I hope it speaks to you in this strange, troubling and beautiful world we live in.

– Laurie

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Thank Yous

Loads of love and gratitude to all those who’ve supported me and helped me along the way. Huge appreciation for the fantastic musicians who’ve played on my album.

Thanks to Bethany Elen and Penny Callow who performing the live tracks with me. Thanks to Julian Marshall for the guidance.

Huge thanks to Liam Gaughan for being great to work with and the collaboration in getting these songs sounding the best they can.

A huge big, special thank you to my husband Ben Holden for his enormous help and support.

Thanks also to Matthew Beakes for the amazing album artwork.

And thanks to these brilliant musicians for their contributions to the album: Jenny Nendick on Cello, Ray Tsai on violin, Ian Paterson on double bass, Paul Elliot on drums, Brendan Murphy on percussion, Meghann Clancy, Ruth Lambert and Hannah Taylor on backing vocals, and Patrick Wood for mastering the album.

Music Videos for Wild Land and Moon Moves the Sea